Daughter ah, if one day do not know the injured person, ask yourself injured himself?

by - tháng 11 05, 2017

Love is like a difficult problem. Clever and ingenious, it will get results as the innocent and Stupid. bigotry, then it will have to bear the pain. 

Love is also a need to learn to love the right way, for the right person. Happiness is when you are alone, there's who goes with you. When you are grieving, the consoling you. When you leave, there are people who remember you. When you're busy, someone is waiting for you ... After all, love is used for enjoyment, rather than to bitter taste.

I look at the view. I still look in the mirror, why are you so pale. Brushed back hair ruffled, Bowl more red lipstick again, a smile. I always said the smile is the most beautiful jewels of the daughter. I turned off the radio music u sad, just brilliant with dresses. Step out on the street with colored throughout, did you see shimmering than rainy days?

Middlemen out sadness again, sent to an address that you don't require a round trip. As a passenger abandoned old bus, I have found that when let go then I will grasp more than? Space easy to make people dissapointed, but it is also the ideal space topic filled.

The Rainbow after the rain always radiant. Later the pain is still the younger but more powerful. Sadness makes people more mature children. So don't be sad again, open the window, always sparkling sunshine waiting for you where the end of the road.

1. Don't waste time with the wrong object
Life is very short, you shouldn't spend time with people who only know "-shallow" source of his happiness. If someone wants you to be present in their lives, they will spend it for you. You don't have to struggle to fight took a position at all. Remember, never pressed myself into a relationship with a person who does not respect your values.

2. Don't lie to yourself
Not everyone can easily handle all the problems that you encounter, but please try to be honest with it possible you. When you're not honest with yourself, it's very hard to be honest with other people.

3. Don't try to please others
That's what happens, and if you keep trying to work to do so, you will be exhausted. But make a person smile can also change the world. Maybe not the entire world, which is just a private person's world. So, let's narrow his focus back on the people you really care, you'll find life a lot more breathable.

4. Don't turn yourself into anyone's copy
One of the biggest challenges that life brings is to do yourself, in a just world would turn you into people like other people. Always will be someone more beautiful, more intelligent, more youthful you, but they will never be friends. Don't change to expect other people like yourself. Be yourself because it will appear your real human lover.

5. Don't bother with the past
If life is considered a novel, nobody want to reread the chapter was over. You may not know what's happening if running around in what was old. Learn to let go will make you happy.

6. do not seek happiness in others
If you do not feel happy with the people inside of yourself, then you will never have to be happy with anyone else. You must create the stability in his life before and thinking about sharing my life with someone who is.

7. Don't be jealous
Envy is the Act of "counting" happiness, luck of someone else instead of you. Ask yourself the question: "I have things that anyone wanting to have?" Then, you will find yourself turned out also blessed and happy than a lot of people out there.

8. Don't whine and self pity yourself
What happens in your life you have own reasons. It will direct you to the appropriate path. So please learn to face and accept it as a spice to make your life more colorful. You need to do is just go laughing! Let everyone know that today you will many times more powerful than the you of today-and you will always be like that.

9. Don't let other people drag you down position on a par with them
Don't lower your standards just to adapt to those not subject to raise their standards. You more than anyone, understood the value of yourself and you have the right to be proud of that. There's nothing to family or shame just because you are an exceptional individual. Love taking what are his things, then you'll be others respect and affection.

10. Finally, don't reject the new relationship
Maybe in the past you have ever been hurt, but don't close any doors opened his world. Let yourself experience, been tested (and luck) when you get the chance. Just as you learned how to step out of his cocoon, then you are ready to embrace these happiness themselves deserve.

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